I love this post. It brings back so many memories of teenage years, which we largely about hair and teeth problems, as well as how to get boys, while being simultaneously unimpressed by them.

The Selvedge Yard

farrah fawcett poster

As a boy growing up in the 1970s, I can tell you with absolute authority that there were two women who were on every pubescent boy’s mind– Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs.  Sure, there were others– but Farrah & Cheryl were the cream of the crop.  And the major rite of passage was to have one of their epic posters up on your bedroom wall.  That was huge.  It showed you’d graduated from the land of legos and had entered the exciting, awkward, and confusing hormonal journey into manhood.  Are we there yet?

farrah fawcett

Over 20,000,000 of this iconic Farrah Fawcett poster have been sold since 1976! She styled her own hair and makeup– without a mirror. From 40 rolls of film selected Farrah six favorite pictures, eventually narrowing it to this shot in the one-piece red swimsuit that made her instantly famous. 

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What are the nicer things in life?

OK, so we wouldn’t all agree on what they are, but I bet we could all think of a few of our favourite things, stuff that more than makes up for the not-so-nice things in life. One nice thing can keep up going on a day when everything’s going wrong. Missed the bus? Not to worry, time to buy a packet of Tayto before the next one comes. Food is definitely one of the nicer things in life, ‘cos it’s an appetite we enjoy satisfying. We promise kids we will produce a nice dessert for them if they will only eat their nasty vegetables.

Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic

We like our pleasure, and avoid the many pains life has to offer. It’s possible to turn pain to pleasure on occasion too – got to go to a boring desk job? Not to worry, there’s always the world wide web to keep you happy. My all time favourite happy place on the web is I can haz cheezburger, which you probably won’t appreciate so much if you’re a dog lover. You can see lots of squee stuff there, and there’s always the hours to be wasted looking at similar stuff that will make you laugh your socks off.

Ready for more laughs? More ideas soon.

Feeling Blue?

No, it’s not THAT kind of post. This is a place for good, clean fun, a place where you come to get your dose of the nicer things in life, like sunshine and lollipops

Cat Eating Ice-cream
Lick the Rainbow

Mmmm, ice-cream. One of life’s greatest pleasures. Goes as a bonus item with sunshine – in Ireland the king of ice-creams is the   99.  Best bought on the promenade, after your irish tan has settled down to a sensation like being dragged through a nettle plantation tied to a herd of wild horses.

HB Ice-cream poster
HB Ice-cream